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Admission Requirements

Academic Merit

The admission requirements are regulated in the examination regulations §3 of this degree program. Students’ admission and enrollment will comply with the following requirements: a first-cycle degree qualification according to the European Qualifications Framework or an equivalent degree qualification in the field of Civil Engineering. This equivalence requires an examination of equivalence by the program’s Admission Board.

The qualifying degree has to be passed with an average grade higher or equal to B (or a final grading higher or equal to B) according to the ECTS grading system, i.e. the best 35% of students (corresponding to a grade of up to 2.8 (“gut”/“good”) in the German grading scale). Knowledge of the English language, native speaker, or at least level B2 is required.

Tuitions Fees

Transparent Costs

The current tuition fee for the program stands at approximately 1500€ per semester. This sum encompasses the contribution to students' services, known as "Semesterbeitrag," at TU Dortmund University, along with the tuition fees required for enrollment at the University of Trento and Ecole Centrale de Nantes.

Current Status and Schedule

Mark Your Calendar

Enrollment in the degree program follows different patterns depending on your nationality and your educational certificates. All the needed information can be found at the two links below. The application deadlines for the winter semester 2024/25 are as follows:

  • Applicants without EU/EEA citizenship with a foreign university degree obtained in a country outside the EU/a country of the European Economic Area. The following application period applies to this group of persons: 02.01.2024 to 15.07.2024. link

  • Applicants with EU/EEA citizenship and a foreign university degree. The following application period applies to this group of persons: 02.01.2024 to 15.08.2024. link

We strongly advise the service provided by MyGermanUniversity to help with your application!

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